Meet Staci

Wife. Mom. Creative. Professional photographer. Entrepreneur. Designer. Sports enthusiast. Book junkie. I love sitting on the front porch in the Fall and putting my toes in the white sands of the beach in the Summer.

My passion for photography began with a Polaroid One Step when I was 8 or 9 years old. Fast forward a few years to 35 mm film and I began honing my skills shooting sports. It was here I learned to both shoot manually and study light. When you have to have the image and you only have one shot and there is no preview button, you learn to get it right using your eye and your gut. Today, I still shoot manually and although I have joined the digital age, I still use my eye and my gut to get what I am looking for.

People fascinate me. Being able to capture their personalities and emotions at any given moment, to create stylish, timeless images that can be looked back on for years to come is what I love. I understand the importance of making whoever is on the other side of the camera feel relaxed. This is what separates professionals from the rest of the camera owners in the world.

When I am not shooting photography, I am a marketing specialist, graphic designer and artist. You can see more of this here.

I love sharing my passion through teaching photography and helping others "see" through the lens. It inspires me, pushes me to continue my own growth as a creative and...well..it makes me happy.

My personal camera timeline with very humble beginnings.